Tidbit Tuesdays: Brief Hiatus

I’m sorry there isn’t much this week, and perhaps the next week or two for Tidbit Tuesdays, I’m starting a new job and putting my kid in daycare for the first time… that sort of thing. Oh… oh… that suspense and fear of strangers watching the child! Will he be scared when I don’t return immediately? That kind of thing plus those usual irrational fears parents seem to fight all the time (or succumb to), over just about anything.

However!! I think this would be a good time for a shout out. Any topics you’d like to see covered on Tidbit Tuesdays? Questions to be answered, that sort of thing? Tidbit Tuesdays is only meant to be a Tidbit of info each week, but don’t be shy I would love to hear from you! Either comment below or go here (don’t forget to mention it’s for Tidbit Tuesdays).



Are soft drinks linked to behavioral problems? For me, whenever I see something like this, my first though is about the mechanism. Is it the drink? What part of the drink, or is it just a correlation?

Generation Blame: How Age Affects Our Views of Anti-Social Behavior

Metaphase: A GN Inspired by Heroes w/ Down Syndrome. The Kickstarter reached its original goal, needs only about $2k more to reach the first stretch goal. Check out the 10 page preview for free on Comixology.

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