Weekend Reads: IWD, Disney and Autism, Baby Name Visuals, the F Word, Etc

Happy International Women’s Day!

If you’re looking for….resources/events/ideas for doing something for International Women’s Day:

Check it out here.

How it’s helping girls in Ghana here.

Some info (geared towards teachers) for talking to kids about it here.

Time Magazine’s Women’s History Month resources here.


Now if that doesn’t keep you busy, here’s a few more things for your viewing pleasure:

If you’re looking for….a longer read to possibly get you a little teary:

Ron Suskind, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and father of an autistic son, tells the beautiful and touching story of how his family came together using “Disney therapy”.

If you’re looking for….a fun data visualization that will suck you in:

Try this baby name tracker.  It shows the popularity of various names across the US states over the past 100 years. There are 894 Bethany’s, in case you’re curious.

If you’re looking for….something goofy:

How about Sesame Street does Les Mis?

If you’re looking for….an explanation as to why the f bomb can feel sooooo good sometimes:

It’s a perfectly valid coping mechanism.

If you’re looking for….some cultural perspective on the tooth fairy

Apparently many cultures have rituals around the loosing of baby teeth.  I’m bummed I didn’t grow up learning about a “tooth mouse”.  That sounds like fun.


Featured Image Credit: Ben Andreas Harding


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