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So You Wanna Make a Round Challah…(with video!)

My four year old daughter has recently become obsessed with a mom vlogger on Youtube.

I want you to get a sense of her oeuvre, so I’ve included a typical video below. She and her daughter Madison spend most of their time shopping, talking about shopping, eating some waffles and discussing important errands like fixing that pesky leaky tire.

As an homage to Mommy Etc, I decided to vlog our attempt to make a round challah for Rosh Hashanah. I can confidently say that after you watch this you’ll definitely have a general sense of how to do it…ish.

Thanks for watching and l’shana tova!

Recipes and helpful links:

Jenny Splitter

Jenny Splitter is a writer, storyteller and over-scheduled mom of two living in Washington, DC. She spends her glamorous days trying to write whatever she can, counting 1-2-3 in a slow yet threatening manner to her children, playing with gluten and working to eradicate dog hair from the planet (or at least her home). Find her on Twitter , Google+ and Facebook

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  1. This reminds me that I need to make more videos for my daughter.

    I couldn’t watch more than a minute of that Mommy Etc video though. I do not understand this genre. Your video is infinitely more entertaining!

    My 3-yo niece watches youtube videos and I don’t know the channel but they’re all either cupcake decorating or some woman with an annoying cutesy voice who is always poking at dolls and saying how cute they are. I tried googling it, there were too many results.

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