Weekend Reads: Shut up about Harvard, Asking for IUD’s, and Get the F$#%* Dressed!

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend. The Major League Baseball season kicks off with 3 games today and a traditional slate of Opening Day games tomorrow. In my town Opening Day is a pretty big deal. We have a parade and everything. Even though it’s usually 45 degrees and rainy. Play Ball!

FiveThirtyEight wants to talk to the media about how their focus on elite schools during college admissions season misinterprets what higher education looks like for most US Americans.

The IUD is one of the most effective forms of birth control, yet many young women are rebuffed when trying to get one, for no good reason as far as Vox can tell.

Applying “Lean Management” to managing your toddler might save you hours a day? It might be worth a try.

Playing video games my be better for our kids than we once thought. 

At The Orbit, Ania explains 7 Better Ways to Prevent Eugenics than Banning Abortion.

This one made me very upset… They want us to die: You wouldn’t believe how many people hate those of us with autism.

The adult autistic community dreads the cerulean lights of April. Another crop of anti-autistic hate sites will appear, invigorated by the artificial sunshine of that cruel spotlight. The pastel blue of Autism Awareness Month will be everywhere, together with the jigsaw piece that demeans us to the core. We aren’t fragmented puzzles; we experience ourselves as complete humans; we’re capable of empathy, despite that terrible prejudice perpetuated by some diagnosticians. We do communicate, even if it takes a receptive, unbiased ear to hear us.

 Funny or Die would have been this weeks video, touting tourism in North Carolina now that you can discriminate against all those pesky LGBT folks, but they won’t let me embed it, so they just get a link.

Instead, here’s 30 seconds of otters chasing a butterfly.

Featured Image Credit: A beautiful and timely meme from our own Deek

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