Super Long Overdue Weekend Reads: Lots of Stuff Happened

Happy Weekend Readers, long time no see! Yes it has been a busy month of November. Not only did we have the most astonishing presidential election of my lifetime, plus Thanksgiving and sandwiched between an awesome weekend at Skepticon 9 left this blogger a stretched just a little too thin. But hopefully we’re back on track now, let’s get to the links!

Congratulations to our very own Steph, who has picked up a paying gig with the excellent parenting site Romper. Her first three pieces are…

11 Things Men Need to Stop Saying to Women with Multiple Children and…

11 Reasons Thanksgiving Sucks When You Have Kids and…

11 Potty Training Moments that Prove You Are a Bad Ass Mom. (I sense a theme)

Spectrum, a toy store especially for children with developmental difficulties has opened their first location in Chicago to rave reviews.

What Should We Tell the Children if Trump Wins? Well now he has so this is even more relevant.

Dear Strangers, Stop Telling Me My Active Daughter Might Get Hurt…

We should want for all our children the kind of sure-footedness that only repeated explorations of varied terrains can provide. Interfering with risk-taking mammalian play imperils our young by undermining their confidence. It also disrupts their development. I have to keep myself from shouting, “Leave them alone! Let them play!”

I wonder also how often I’d be criticized if my child were a boy. I’d make a study of it, but I’ve never seen a boy the same age who is as fearless or muscular as my daughter. Or maybe I don’t notice the boys who jump from great heights or shinny up poles — I don’t notice them because I have been conditioned to expect this behavior from boys. Are we still a society that trains girls to “behave” by undermining their confidence in their own bodies’ strength and ability?

Alex Gabriel, who writes Godlessness in Theory at The Orbit, also writes some very intense personal work at Medium. A recent post discusses being queer as a way of resisting a narcissistic parent. 

President Obama’s response to questions about his daughter’s dating is perfection. 

These two gay penguins are celebrating their 10th anniversary. You did not read that wrong…

Teen Vogue is doing great work…


Featured Image Credit: Baby Trump Ascendant by The Schmoo


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