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I Didn’t Know You Were a Doctor, Tell Me More!

  My daughter had her 18 month check-up yesterday, and I finally realized that all the little things about her (really, quite good) pediatrician’s office that bothered me have one common root cause. The doctors are scared of the parents. Individually, everything that bothered me at appointments, starting at the …

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They’ll Never Remember

Those are the words I hear every time I share with people the latest cool thing I’ve done with my 17 month old. Be it hikes, zoo, museum trips, and most recently an almost two week trip to Disney World. “Why are you going to Disney World? She’ll never remember,” …

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Hi, My Name is Anne, and I’m a Chanu-crite

As everyone seems to think Chanukah is Jewish Christmas, I figured I’d contribute to the confusion by writing about Chanukah a month late. I also thought it would be really nice of me to provide “but you’re such a hypocrite” fodder for those of you reading who will want to …

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Running from Guilt

I became a parent at the right age and the right time to be DEEP into social media.  I joined Facebook groups, joined forum pages, and followed all the right blogs.  My husband got tired of the ridiculous things I’d share with him everyday; “I can’t believe someone is doing …