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Feminist in a Metal Bikini

A few weeks ago, I was browsing my Facebook feed and came across this blog post. TL;DR: Mom and daughter see an action figure of Leia dressed in a metal bikini in the toy aisle. Mom deflects questions from her young child about it, having never seen the film. She writes …

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Trigger Warnings Will Destroy Us ALL! (or not)

Trigger Warning: infant death, graphic description of fetal tissue There is this man who stands a block from the entrance to my workplace. He props up two four-foot signs emblazoned with photographs of bloody, dead, micro-preemie babies, and another with the words “Stop Abortion Now!” I say “babies” despite knowing that these are fetuses, despite knowing …

But who will water my soul?
Parenting Fails

Mom, You’re not Cool Anymore

That awkward moment when you realize that you have no idea what the hell your kids are talking about. In our electronic world, it’s impossible to monitor all of the sites, blogs, podcasts, vines and whatever these kids are Tumbelring . It’s hard enough to keep up with the hardware …

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A Half-Assed Defense of Mommy Warrior Jenny McCarthy

Oh Teh Interwebs, you are so so so amusing. The clicking, the indignance, the only reading 1/5 of an article, will your hijinks never end? I was reminded of the stupidity of the internet his weekend when I was pelted with posts and texts about how Jenny McCarthy has been …

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Four Foolproof steps to a Post Baby Bikini Body

It’s that time of year.  Articles are everywhere on how to lose weight in the new year.  Add to that the issue of baby weight, and it’s almost impossible to escape the pressure to lose weight instantly and appear healthy and perfect after pregnancy It’s not enough to have built …