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Enough! Stop Calling me Mommy

The first person to call me “mommy” was a NICU nurse to whom I was bringing vials of breast milk to refrigerate. The hospital’s guidelines tell staff to encourage each mother’s pumping effort, and this nurse said “Wow! Great job mommy!” then turned to my son’s isolette and gushed “Didn’t mommy do well …


The World Health Organization Would Ban This Video

The other day, I saw a heartwarming video on Facebook. It gave me a serious case of the feels…the kind that I get when watching the Cheerios bi-racial family commercial or the Budweiser’s Clydesdales commercial or the Coca-Cola America the Beautiful commercial. I cry every time. Like first trimester of pregnancy ugly …

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Intelligent, Educated, and Anti-GMO, Anti-Vax, Anti-Science?

They’re sometimes known as “antis.” People who are anti-vaccination, anti-GM technology, who believe in dangers of high-fructose corn syrup, in amber teething necklaces having analgesic properties, in epidurals being harmful, or in breastmilk being significantly superior to formula…what would most of us think they have in common? For one, those …

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Not Buried Twice: Why the Fight for Birth Safety Matters

The backlash to the so-called “Mommy Wars” has been, in some ways, as misguided as the “wars” themselves. There’s a mentality that anything a parent (but usually a mother) does is just as valid, right, or safe as the alternative. While that holds true for some things, like breastfeeding vs. …

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#YesAllWomen. Thankfully #NotAllBabies.

I’m a Dr. Amy fan. I value the attention she’s brought to the dangers of homebirth. I’m a pretty strong homebirth opponent too — all I can see is increased risk with no benefit — and I agree with the part of her recent blog post that brings to light …


Your Privilege is Showing

I am sick of the mommy wars. The “my way is the best and look how great I am as a parent” posts on Facebook. The absolute “I would never…” statements that end with: feed my baby formula, let my toddler watch TV, use a disposable diaper, eat a GMO, feed my …

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Stay at home dads need mums to step back

Dave Lesser posted an awesome piece in the Time Ideas blog the other month. He’s writing as a stay-at-home dad and primary parent describing the effect that this modern family arrangement has had on both him and his wife.  Their situation is much the same as mine and my husband’s …