Dear Amanda Peet, GMOs Need You!

Dear Amanda Peet,

As you may know, your bestie Gwyneth Paltrow recently asked her Twitter followers to join forces with anti-GMO activists and demand labeling of GMO food. It seems the woman who recommends limes to folks on food stamps and wood-burning pizza ovens in the garden for the rest of us just can’t stop telling the world how to eat.

Not unexpectedly, there was a strong backlash from science advocates. I’m sure you can understand how scientists might be a bit tired of every Jim, Fran and Goop weighing in on what they do for a living.

image via A Science Enthusiast blog
image from A Science Enthusiast blog

Still, I’m pretty sure celebrity worship is here to stay. Celebrities are glamorous and fabulous and talking about them is good gossipy fun. That’s why I don’t want to shut Goop up. I think we just need to someone else to join the conversation. Someone with a proven track record for supporting science. Of course, that person is you!

You’re the perfect choice. Pro-vaccine, pro-science and pro-kid, I can’t think of a better celebrity to advocate for safe, affordable and sometimes even life-saving genetically engineered foods. Also, you’re friendly with Goop, so maybe you can orchestrate some sort of celeb-scientist summit over flatbreads straight from the Goop oven (I assume she got the pizza oven in the conscious uncoupling).

There is just one potential hiccup. I can’t find you on Twitter. But maybe that’s an advantage? Why not make your social media debut with a tweet for GMOs?

Now, you don’t need to answer this letter directly. Just get out there and work your magic. Thanks. And hope to see you around the Twitterverse.

featured image via Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report

Jenny Splitter

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