Mail Call: A GP Reader Responds to Recent Posts

We’ve got mail! We often get comments and messages from readers (and people who hate our headlines, but haven’t read the articles), both positive and critical. It’s nice to know that our site generates a more motivated response than discussion in MRA chatrooms and mommy groups on Facebook.

One of our favorite readers is at it again. This time, she provides needed tongue in cheek criticism of Steph’s recent posts about breastfeeding (and other unsolicited advice), and sexism in the media coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Enjoy!

ATTN to the President of Grounded Parents, or notorious GrP:

Once again I find myself compelled by the laws of the internet to submit a complaint against your site, in which I find opinions offered that are Not My Own. I speak specifically of two recent entries posted by one “Steph” (if that is her name), the first of which takes issue with the tender ministrations of total strangers who have only her babies’ heath in mind when they urge upon her the healing powers of Breast Milk, that amazing fluid which we should all drink unless we’re vegans and are opposed to consuming animal products. She should not only divulge personal information to random strangers, but also take every bit of advice offered her, even if it is contradictory, because surely those strangers know more than she could. Do the math: more brains produce better thinking. I am offended that Steph not only cannot do that math, but that she believes that any woman who is with child, or who has children, or who had children, or who might have children, or who might choose not to have children, is allowed to have an opinion based on her own counsel and/or consultation with her qualified medical professional. Good heavens! The very idea is beyond my ken.

In the second article, “Steph” seems to suggest that coverage of the Olympics, our national opportunity to dominate in all sports where our potential to win or lose dramatically is covered in excess, might be lacking. Well I tell you Missy, it is not. Take issue if you will with reporters crediting men with the performance of the female “athletes” with whom they are associated; take issue with calling adult women who could snap you like a twig “girls”; take issue with saying the most talented group of teens in an incredibly challenging sport “look like they’re at the mall” – I say that’s all just color commentary, meant to humanize these godlike beings and make them more accessible to the little woman at home. Think of her! She only dreams of being able to train at a sport for 14 hours a day; she may tell her female children that hard work and dedication can lead to excellence and fame. That foolish woman should not be allowed to suffer the pangs of unrealistic aspiration: better that she understand that even women who are at the center stage of a world class arena should know their place.

Once again, Grounded Parents has trod upon my sensibilities by rendering opinions I Do Not Share. I am sputtering with rage at the very idea that you have again allowed this. I must warn you that I am even more certain that I would not consider membership or your gold-level subscription service; unless and until you change your ways, I will be reduced to constantly checking your site so I may express my outrage with angry emoticons and complaining to my cat about Your Nerve.

I remain your ardent critic,

Uvula P. Beeblebrox


Steph is a mom, stepmom, freelance writer, and advocate. When she's not busy writing, chasing kids around, cleaning up messes, and trying to change the world, Steph enjoys snuggling, making pies, politics, reading paranormal fiction, yoga, and fitness. A fully recovered natural parent, Steph now trusts science, evidence, and common sense to lead the way. She has been actively involved in the reproductive and women's rights movements for more than 20 years and is a passionate pro-choice feminist. Her writing can be found on Grounded Parents, Romper, The Cut, and other print and online publications

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  1. OK, normally I say Never Read The Comments, but this is comedy gold. I don’t think he’s the famous Mr. Poe, but perhaps a cousin?

    Keep up the good work, Steph!

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