Mail Call: A GP Reader Responds to Recent Posts

We’ve got mail! We often get comments and messages from readers (and people who hate our headlines, but haven’t read the articles), both positive and critical. It’s nice to know that our site generates a more motivated response than discussion in MRA chatrooms and mommy groups on Facebook. One of our favorite readers …

Shit hitting fan

Do you want to see shit hit the fan? Circumcision

One of the most contentious words, if not the most contentious word in the internet parenting world: Circumcision. *Ducks for cover*   Disclaimer: This post is intended to be humorous, to point out that all one has to do to incite cutthroat, never-ending debate is to bring up routine infant …


Top Five Reasons Why Dating a Feminist is Hard

Some nights when I am drinking from my mug of male tears and blogging about rape culture and abortion rights, I contemplate how hard it must be to date a feminist. Why even try? Is it worth it? Seems like a lot of work.        Top five reasons why dating …


Being a Bitch Eating Crackers

Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive. “Look at this bitch, eating those crackers like she owns the place.” If you spend time on social media or internet forums, you may have heard the phrase: “Bitch Eating Crackers” or BEC. Generally, it is invoked when someone is treating …

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You Need Kids Like A Hole In The Head

I don’t mean to make anyone here feel real stupid or anything but I’m a certified college graduate. That’s right, I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology so I know a hella lot about human development. I’m more than a little proud to say that I took no less than …

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Parenting Fail #4,275: Greek Yogurt Cures Gayness!

Keep it simple folks. Don’t try to be clever. It never ends well for us parental types. Ok, maybe it just never ends well for me. I’m driving my son to school when I start to wonder, out loud, whether the kids at school these days have any opinions about …

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Checking it Twice: An Elf’s Story

It was dark, finally, and Elfwina was able to relax and explore the house at will. It was Christmas Eve and the children had fought a lot that day, and she’d heard herself invoked several times: “Madison, if you don’t stop fighting with Jaspar, Elfwina will have to tell Santa …


Mommy Has a Milk Mustache

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say in my first blog post. After all, it’s my introduction to the world. In case you’ve never introduced yourself to the world, it’s a lot of pressure. That whole first impressions thing. I spent many long hours, walking my …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Ten Rules For Dating My Daughter

Back in Ye’ Olden Days of the Internet the email listserv was the preferred method of disseminating crackpot conspiracy theories, junk science, apocalyptic prophecies and nonsensical grandmotherly “advice”.  But listservs were clumsy devices, with slow response times and undependable circulation. Plus your intended audience needed to actually click on the …