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Intelligent, Educated, and Anti-GMO, Anti-Vax, Anti-Science?

They’re sometimes known as “antis.” People who are anti-vaccination, anti-GM technology, who believe in dangers of high-fructose corn syrup, in amber teething necklaces having analgesic properties, in epidurals being harmful, or in breastmilk being significantly superior to formula…what would most of us think they have in common? For one, those …

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GMO, Séralini, and March Against Monsanto: It’s Magically Misleading!

If you follow my posts on GP, you know that I’ve been writing a lot about GMOs and genetic engineering. I was planning to lay off the subject for a bit, maybe write about advances in prenatal diagnostics or the wonders of sleep training and okay-to-wake clocks, but I’m compelled …

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NYT OpEd Skewers Jenny McCarthy but Misses the Dish

Like most parents with an autistic kid, I spent the month of April shuttling my kid (in my case, an adult kid but a kid none the less) from therapeutic recreation classes to doctor’s appointments to over-planned “social events”, still maintaining a small career and creating time for the rest …


Weekend Reads: Fast Food, Positive Parenting, Archie, Khaleesi, etc

Well hello everyone!  What are you in the mood for this weekend?         If you’re looking for….some new science: JAMA has an interesting study up about depictions of healthy foods in fast food commercials.  Spoiler alert – 80% of kids who saw a Burger King commercial recalled …

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UPDATED: When Corporations Attempt “Autism Awareness”

It’s the weekend. You want to go out to eat. You don’t want takeout. You want to sit down and feel fancy, dammit, even if your kids are climbing on you with food smeared on their faces. Maybe you’re thinking about going to Chili’s. If you’re a supporter of science …


Weekend Reads: Music in Our Schools, Adoption, Books Books Books, and Clinical Trials

Hello hello again, how’s your March going? I just figured out that March is also Music in Our Schools Month.  They have some good info about why music education is an important part of any curriculum. So now that you’re all tapping your feet, what do you feel like today? …

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I Didn’t Know You Were a Doctor, Tell Me More!

  My daughter had her 18 month check-up yesterday, and I finally realized that all the little things about her (really, quite good) pediatrician’s office that bothered me have one common root cause. The doctors are scared of the parents. Individually, everything that bothered me at appointments, starting at the …

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All-Natural Wool!! (Over My Eyes)

  I’m not the type of mom who usually votes (intentionally) with my dollar.  I tend to purchase products for my family based on value, taste, preference, and frugality.  Only in rare instances do I feel self-important enough to boycott a product.   That said, a lot of the most …

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A Half-Assed Defense of Mommy Warrior Jenny McCarthy

Oh Teh Interwebs, you are so so so amusing. The clicking, the indignance, the only reading 1/5 of an article, will your hijinks never end? I was reminded of the stupidity of the internet his weekend when I was pelted with posts and texts about how Jenny McCarthy has been …


Let’s Get Jenny off the Block

Jenny McCarthy is at it yet again. McCarthy is what used to be called a starlet. Back in the days before we had Paris Hilton or Kardashians, we also had some semi-famous people. They would appear in a movie or two or maybe on television and then forever be the …